Zhelyazko Meranzov is the Branch Manager at UniCredit Bulbank in “Little Paris,” a district located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city. His motto at work is “never say never.” He’s an early riser who loves preparing meals with his treasured ultra-sharp chef’s knives and has an impressive collection of ties. 


2:00 min

Who are you, when did you join UniCredit and what do you do?

My name is Zhelyazko Meranzov, I am 37 years old, and I am the branch manager at the newest branch in Plovdiv, located in a district called Kyuchuk Paris (Little Paris). UniCredit Bulbank is my first and I hope my last and only employer. My work experience started at the end of 2009 as a customer advisor. I have now worked in the retail division for more than 11 years, passing through almost every position connected with individuals and small business advisory.



Can you describe your ideal workday? 

My ideal workday starts with the second cup of coffee and a staff meeting with my team to discuss our focus for the day. Top priorities could be preparing for a successful meeting with a customer, or signing a few contracts. I try to support my teammates to learn at least three new things each day, and to do them well. I eat my lunch, drink a fresh juice, and discuss other things with my colleagues. In the afternoon, I look at ways to simplify our processes, how to implement these changes, and how this could improve the team’s skills and motivation. I teach my team never to say that something is “impossible”, since in the word ‘impossible’ lies ‘I’m possible’. That’s how I prefer to look at things. If I want to go fast, I’ll go alone, but if I want to go far, I need to go with my team.  



What do you normally eat at lunchtime?

Usually, I bring homemade food to work or have a salad, because healthy food is very important for me and I try to be fit. I rarely eat fast food.



Can you share an insider-anecdote on a funny moment you’ve experienced at work? 

When I first started at UniCredit Bulbank, I was late for one of my first training sessions in Sofia. I entered the meeting room after the course had already started, excused myself for the delay, and started listening. After 15 minutes, I realised that maybe I was in the wrong place. The topic written on the board was different from what I expected. So, I asked for the name of the meeting room and the exact topic.  That’s when I realised my hunch was right. As it turned out, I was in the wrong room, at the wrong session, on the wrong floor of the building. The guard had sent me to the wrong place, and I didn’t have time to double check. 



Are you a morning or evening person?

Definitely a morning person, because that is when I plan my day. 


What is your morning ritual before going to work? 

I eat breakfast and have coffee, read some business news, and check how the main stock market indices closed. 


Favourite time of the day?

I like mornings because I charge my batteries and motivate myself, and evenings relaxing with my family after a busy day.


Do you have a hobby? (if yes, please elaborate)

My hobbies are a little strange. I collect ties and knives. I like cooking and I especially love chopping, which is why I have many big, sharp chef’s knives in my kitchen. My other passion is connected to my career. In over 11 years at the Bank I have collected almost 100 different ties.