04 March 2021

Working with Tradition: The Journey of a Carpenter

2:00 min

Wladimir Stoljarov is a Project Manager at the Corporate & Investment Banking division at UniCredit in Munich. He is responsible for supporting businesses in IT solution projects and giving advice on technical know-how.


In his spare-time he’s also a carpenter. Twelve years ago, he started an interior design workshop with his wife. Since then, their passion for woodworking has blossomed into a thriving studio. Read more about his brilliant work!

The story behind the talent

I first learned about woodcraft techniques from my wife, who is a professional carpenter and interior designer. She’s Slavic, and I’m German-Russian, so we came up with the idea of reproducing 10th-century pagan furniture with a unique and modern twist. We have often experimented with unconventional raw materials, such as birch bark, to design and recreate traditional handiwork - it’s been a great success!


All our raw materials and processes are completely natural. We refrain from using chemicals on our products, especially on food storage items such as wooden canisters and bread boxes.


It’s encouraging to see growth in curiosity and demand for antique craftmanship made using natural ingredients. This centuries-old profession is coming back to life in an eco-friendly way. We are very proud to be a part of this woodwork revival. 



An inspirational message

I’m a technical person and my daily tasks revolve around charts and figures. It’s a source of joy to wrap up a day at the office, head to the workshop, and get lost in woodworking. I get to work in a precise, creative medium, allowing quality time for relaxation and peace.


My passion has also inspired me to develop confidence, critical thinking skills, and mindfulness at work. Building something with your own two hands gives you a sense of empowerment, and the journey that woodwork requires involves many mistakes. I’ve used the wrong measurements and the wrong tools more times than I’d like to admit. Lessons in trusting the process continue to flow to other parts of my life, helping me become a better employee, colleague, and husband.

In closing

I live by two principles: The first motto is “No pain, no gain” and the second one is “Better to fail with the truth than to win with a lie.” I encourage everyone to pursue a passion. It will enrich your life and you’ll become a positive force to those around you.