18 March 2021

Hello, my name is Eva Lavrič and I am a Senior Officer in the Risk division from Slovenia.

2:00 min

During my spare time, I really enjoy sewing. I am self-taught and my skills are mostly learnt from YouTube. My motto is “Where there is a will, there is a way”.


I have been sewing for nine years and still enjoy it – it's a great stress buster. I love making baby clothes and I always post my latest creations on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve loved drawing since I was a teenager and this passion came back during motherhood. I started to design blankets and aprons for children, and then sewing followed. I love creating unique pieces that are fresh and new.

My friends and colleagues are familiar with my creativity but, I think at the beginning many were doubtful about how successful it could be. These days they are my most loyal clients, especially now I am also creating washable face masks.