19 March 2021

On the 1st anniversary of UniCredit’s digital magazine...

2:00 Min

...we look back at how One UniCredit has become our main storytelling platform, ramping up our communications and engaging audiences across countries.

Milan’s thin fog filtered the grey roads and pavements. The streetlamps created a peaceful glow, in sharp contrast with the LED lights inside our Towers. That night, working around the clock to ensure a flawless launch of our new communication platform, we could not have imagined it would soon become a true game-changer in the upcoming months.


Our initial objective was to embrace a warm and direct communication style in a website mainly targeted for our staff, but the channel’s content appealed almost immediately to our other stakeholders and the external world. We also wanted to show transparency and empathy and spotlight how we support our clients and our communities. We created a platform where our colleagues’ voices could be heard, across all our countries. We wanted to show that as a bank, we are committed to being part of the solution in these challenging and unprecedented times, supporting all our stakeholders.


One year on we are delighted that we achieved those objectives. We are happy to be able to say that One UniCredit has become our main storytelling hub and that so many people have turned to it in these difficult times!


One UniCredit proves every day that stories are better than numbers alone, because maybe… they are “data with a soul” – as Brené Brown, the award winning researcher and storyteller would put it. But figures can be effective too… especially when it comes to reflecting on the extraordinary results our website has achieved! In twelve months, we published over 1,200 articles, attracted around 250,000 unique visitors, generated more than 1,200,000 page views… and we are still counting!


Health & Safety, weekends at home with kids, remote working, delicious recipes and interactive quizzes: we dealt with lots of topics and gave countless tips. One UniCredit is now One of us.


One UniCredit has also received some prestigious prizes. In 2020 it was acknowledged as the Best Internal Content Campaign at the UK Content Awards as well as the Best Global Internal Content Campaign Of The Year at the Global Content Awards. It was subsequently migrated to our institutional website and is still serving as a revolutionary platform for employees and external users alike throughout our geographies.


We are truly grateful to our colleagues for trusting us every day, and we hope they will keep relying on One UniCredit as a key source of corporate news and much more! We will also continue to ask for feedback and leverage on them to improve our ways of conveying meaningful information.


Together we will always spread the right message as… One Team, ONE UNICREDIT!