24 March 2021

Our colleagues in “Centro Mutui Individuals” and in Commercial Network highlighted their ability to support our customers in times of uncertainty.

2:00 Min

There are milestones in people's lives and buying a home is one of them. If you are buying your first home and you are not assisted by experts who take care of you, an important moment can turn into a traumatic event. This is the message of the story told by Roberto Curreri, Centro Mutui Individuals, based on the experience of his colleague Giancarlo Dellera, head of the Assignment Hub, who showed how much it matters to our customers to be supported through the mortgage process.


"The initial phases for agreeing a mortgage are carried out in branch through a direct, personal relationship between customers our colleagues. Everything is then entrusted to another structure, with the client told that their file passes to the Mortgage Hub until the process is concluded.


With no named contact for our clients, this could have generated further anxiety – especially in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Giancarlo and his team put themselves in their clients’ shoes and looked for a solution:


"Going above and beyond their normal activities, they made themselves available to establish telephone contact with clients to keep them informed of each subsequent step in the processing of their file, up to the production of the Expert Opinion and Preliminary Notarial Report. These calls covered advice about the availability of an expert for the inspection, 'confirmation' and 'reminder' calls. All this is thanks to the collaboration of the Mortgage Center with the Commercial Network which worked as  ‘One Team’ for the customer's satisfaction".


The attention that our colleagues showed to our customers made them feel "looked after" and gave them confidence in a time of global uncertainty.


If you, like Roberto, have a good digitalisation story to tell, write to UniCredit - Italia - Best Practice Sharing Italy.