19 March 2021

This week’s sneak peek is into life of Massimo. From his WebEx-secret, passion for music to fusion-food.  

2:00 Min

When did you join UniCredit and what do you do?

I am the head of marketing and products at buddybank and I joined UniCredit about 9 years ago. I come from business and marketing background but I have a healthy nerd soul that makes me very curious. I like quoting a “big” of Italian music, Pierangelo Bertoli, who in one of his songs said "I have one foot in the past and my gaze straight and open in the future". I feel a bit like that.


Can you describe your ideal working day?

I don't think it exists. I'm happy when I see my teammates and how we approach everyday external challenges; I'm proud to be a buddy and always defend what we have built with effort and sacrifice, day after day, competing hard with the market.


What do you usually eat during your lunch break?

I’m trying to reconcile Emilian and Japanese cuisine into some sort of fusion; it's a seemingly impossible challenge but the Ragù Soba came out pretty well. At home, during the pandemic, I imagine culinary flights from Milan to Osaka with the scents of Katsuobushi and Nori seaweed; but when I'm in the office I go to the Supermarket and poetry is a bit lacking.


Can you share a funny 'digital' anecdote about a moment you experienced at work?

Calls are sometimes fun with the right perspective, but I understand it's difficult; so I wanted to give some practical advice. If the mood of a Webex call gets heavy, try subtitling the call. Magically the words will take on a funny tone and then they will ask you why you are laughing on mute. It’s our little secret now.

Are you a morning or evening person?

I come alive at 10pm, turn off around 1am. Granted, it's only 3 hours but I consider it my additional REM phase because the real one is only 14% of my sleep (source: my Fitbit)


What is your morning routine before going to work?

I listen to music both at home and work. I don't have a favorite genre, I listen to everything. Recently I rediscovered Public Enemy, "Harder than you think" is a hiphop masterpiece, but I vary from Charles Mingus to Dvorák. To sample music that buddies listen to before going to try the Spotify compilation: buddybank night mood. Enjoy listening! 


Favorite moment of the day?

Obviously, the late evening. When the adrenaline gets low, the sounds get muffled and the city lights get dimmer then the day is filled with missed signals. There is no better time to clear our minds of problems and begin to see the opportunities that life offers us. This is my creative time where new projects often come to mind.


What is your favorite hobby?

Good food, running, cycling, studying Japanese, writing children's novels (check if you don't believe it, look me up on Apple Books!), writing theatre plots, designing table top games and podcasting.