Discover our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), a network of colleagues committed to nurturing an ongoing dialogue on the most important Diversity and Inclusion topics for all UniCredit stakeholders. 

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A truly inclusive culture creates safe spaces for employees to connect and share ideas, knowledge and experiences.
UniCredit recognises the strategic importance of fostering Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) among employees with common interests to bring them together in their professional relationships. 

Our employee networks were formed spontaneously and generate a true sense of belonging, giving colleagues a voice and boosting a feedback culture. 


Unicorns - United in diversity

In recent years, in the wake of a corporate culture that has made diversity and inclusion two cornerstones that cannot be overlooked, the UniCredit LGBT+ & friendly communities of colleagues have grouped together under the name "Unicorns - United in diversity".

They pursue their mission, in several of the Group's countries, of bringing to light the needs and concerns of those impacted in the company, organising opportunities to meet up and reflect, whilst also acting as a point of contact for those who may find themselves in uncomfortable situations.   

Other positive Employee Resource Groups experiences

The Unicorns networks are of course not the only ERG present in UniCredit

The Disability Networks in Italy - "Don't talk about us without us", this is the cornerstone of the contribution of the ERGs of colleagues with disabilities in continuous and concrete dialogue with the disability manager. Disability networks are made up of colleagues who are deaf, visually impaired, motor impaired or have non-visible disabilities, and their aim is to promote real inclusion for them, representing specific needs and priorities, allowing them to be actively involved.  

Disability Ambassadors in Italy - an ERG founded in 2018, composed of colleagues who want to make a contribution to disability management in the company.  

The Cultural Diversity Network in Austria - a network to create a safe and supportive environment for diversity conditions based on race, ethnicity and culture of different employees in Bank Austria, reinforcing the sense of belonging and offering an open space for dialogue and sharing of experiences and feedback.  

The Women's Network in Austria - a mutual exchange and support group for women working in all Austrian legal entities of UniCredit. Established in 1997, it organises activities and meetings focused on self-empowerment and gender equality, encouraging cross-divisional and cross-border networking. 

The Diversity & Inclusion Network in the UK - an initiative coordinated by a committee of colleagues who wish to implement knowledge, dialogue and build an inclusive workplace for all. Founded in 2017 as an evolution of the local Women's Network.