Our digital magazine has been acknowledged with yet another prestigious prize in the category Best Corporate Content during Covid-19.

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Yesteday Cravenhill Publishing announced the winners of the fourth Corporate Content Awards, celebrating and recognising corporate storytelling and the use of narrative to communicate with audiences across owned, earned and bought media in different business sectors.


We are delighted to announce that our One Unicredit digital magazine has been acknowledged with their Gold prize in the Best Corporate Content during Covid-19 category for a project which has seen the involvement and dedication of many colleagues to create a truly inspiring and insightful content factory for our corporate communication and brand. The award has been assigned to UniCredit, Bladonmore and Finelk for the tremendous effort put in place since the outburst of the pandemic in March 2020.


This award follows previous prestigious prizes collected in 2020 as Best Internal Content Campaign at the UK Content Awards as well as the Best Global Internal Content Campaign of The Year at the Global Content Awards.

After eighteen months from its launch, we are happy that One UniCredit has become our main storytelling hub and that so many people have turned to it in these difficult times.


Together we will always spread the right message as… One Team, ONE UNICREDIT!

Read the announcement and full list of winners here: Communicate magazine: Corporate Content Awards 2021 Winners Announced - 2021 - News