2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary of UniCredit Bank in Slovenia. Our colleagues decided to mark the occasion by partnering with a local company to create a unique boardgame that can be enjoyed by customers and their children to develop their financial education while having fun.

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There have been many changes in Slovenia since 1991. It was a year of independence, the country obtained its own currency and a new legislation. In 2004, Slovenia joined the EU and in 2007 it adopted the Euro. On 3 September 2007 UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. was established and started operating under the new UniCredit Bank brand. In parallel, digitalisation evolved extensively, leading to new day-to-day challenges.


The Covid-19 pandemic then brought with it a new reality, new habits, new digital landscapes and new challenges we tackled thanks to our team’s resilience, hard-work and 30 years’ experience in the country. All of these features meant we could continue to serve our customers and support the local community in Slovenia at the best of our ability.


In 2021, UniCredit Bank celebrates 30 years in Slovenia. We are proud that 9 employees are still with us since the very beginning we entered the country.


Our longstanding employees shared some thoughts on their thirty-year experience at UniCredit in Slovenia:

Igor Mlakar "I was lucky to witness the opening of the very first branch in Slovenia. We enthusiastically opened a unit in Ljubljana, but soon realised the importance of being close to customers also in person. When we moved to the city centre, clients finally started visiting us. Being close to customers means keeping them in the spotlight of all your activities."

Urša Perme Capuder "Many things have happened since we opened - the Euro, SEPA payments, e-invoices. The most important part of my career was definitely the development and introduction of electronic banking, which changed the business forever."

To acknowledge and celebrate the Bank’s thirty-year commitments, loyalty and dedication to clients, our team created a board game called My Way, developed in collaboration with the Slovenian company Value Add Games. So far 1000 pieces have been made and distributed to colleagues and clients signing up for a mortgage or though ad-hoc competitions.

My Way is a financial boardgame designed for 3-5 players over 10 years old, that can be enjoyed by individuals and families alike. It includes easy to understand banking products making it also a very useful and fun tool for financial education for school children, teenagers and adults. The game does not encourage competition, but rather challenges you to try out the roles and tests in life that are close to your heart.

The game lasts 60 minutes, each person has only one life and can choose how to live it. The game makes you decide what you want to do with your life: make a career for yourself, become a writer, concentrate on relationships, travel around the world. We are really pleased with the game, because apart from the enjoyable moments it provides, it is also a product of Slovenian creativity and imagination.