22 January 2021

A Russian colleague tells us about the power of aromas, especially in times of difficulty

2:00 min

“Hello everyone! My name is Yuliya Nemova. I am a Learning & Development Manager and Corporate Psychologist at UniCredit. I lead personal growth and assessment projects, and help managers develop their leadership potential.


Creating natural perfumes and oils for aromatherapy treatments is my greatest passion. If there’s something that connects my own work and my favourite hobby, it is that mental comfort evoked by external stimuli is an essential part of well-being.

You might be wondering how I became interested in this activity: when I was a child, I used to play in my grandparent’s backyard and smell the colourful flowers growing in the bushes. I suppose that those scents inspired me to choose my hobby.


As professional psychological support can increase people’s job performance, perfumes influence us and can evoke sensations and memories related to specific states of mind. Our emotions are closely connected with smells; something which truly fascinates me.

My fragrances of choice are Jasmin Grandiflorum and Rose Damascena. I also like to create dry perfumes – intense scents you can take with you anywhere. When I compose perfumes for my friends, I consider their preferences and personality. The process is almost magical: I need to calculate the right quantity of essential oils and compounds, and then I pour everything into decorated bottles and tubes.


A scent is a note in the melody of the perfume. I hope that the pleasant sensations they generate can help us feel better even in such challenging times!”