15 January 2021

We follow the inspirational journey of a rockstar from our Group

2:00 min
Hi, my name is Fabiola Fassina and I’m an industrial engineer. I work in the Products, Services & New Solutions Development division at UniCredit Leasing SpA. In other words, I’m a woman of numbers.


I’m also an electric bass player and I’m currently part of a Hard Rock roll band made up of my family members.

Story behind the talent

I started playing the bass guitar four years ago. It all began when I attended a course offered by UniCredit called WOW (Women On Work). At the end of the program, an individual assessment by my guidance counsellor suggested that I learn to play a musical instrument. As my daughter was already a gifted drummer, I decided to complement her talent by picking up the bass guitar.

We formed a family rock group and, in 2019, we performed at the Rocking’ 1000 event, one of the biggest rock band festivals in the world. In October, we performed at the virtual Rocking’ 1000 Global GIG concert hosted in Dubai. Next stop, we will be hitting the stage with 22 songs at the Stade de France, Paris in July 2021!

Inspirational message

Music is a passion that I share with my family. Forming a rock band together allows us to spend quality time together and appreciate each other’s talents. The art of creating and playing music requires active listening, dedication, consistency, and patience. Our current challenge is to master Hells Bells by AC/DC .

The most surprising thing  of all: who knew I would fall in love heavy metal at 50-years-old! (My favourite band is Metallica, by the way.)

I live my life with the guiding principle that failure is my teacher. I believe if you’ve never failed, you’ve never truly tried. As the Irish novelist Samuel Beckett once said, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”