11 January 2021

As Local Architect at UniCredit Services in Hungary, Marcell is key in giving support to the Architecture team and helping to improve local ICT compliance with security and infrastructure guidelines

2:00 Min
When did you join UniCredit and what do you do?

I have been a computer enthusiast all my life and luckily enough my hobby has become my job. After working for several multinational companies, I joined Unicredit Services 11 months ago, starting as a SharePoint System Administrator. I am now a Local Architect and, together with my colleagues, we bridge the business, the application experts and the Group regulations, platforms and services.

Can you describe your ideal workday?

My favourite days are those in which I successfully fill the gap between the business needs and the solutions that IT can provide without distorting the requirements or overstretching the services. When both sides feel that we’ve achieved a win-win, those are the best days.

What do you eat at lunchtime normally?

Before the pandemic we used to go out with colleagues. At home I’m eating what my wife prepares, usually traditional Hungarian dishes like székelykáposzta (Hungarian Cabbage Stew), marhapörkölt (beef stew) or my favourite: csülök Pékné módra (pig’s knuckle Pékné style).

Can you share an insider-anecdote on a funny moment you’ve experienced at work?

A few months ago, the manager of a business department asked me for a solution unbeknownst to his own team. I completed the request, and when the team asked me to do it, I told them I had already  done it… They were quite confused and amazed at the same time!
Are you a morning or evening person?

I’m rather a night owl than an early bird. Life starts when the kids are asleep.

What is your morning ritual before going to work?

I get up at 6:20. I train the core and spinal muscles for 40 minutes – a must for sitting jobs.

Then, together with my wife, I get the kids ready (Máté 9, Mira 6, Maja 1.5), I drop the older kids off at the kindergarten and school, and I arrive in the office before 9:00.

Favourite time of the day?

When I play board games with the family after lunch and before bedtime.

Do you have a hobby?

I love working with computers and writing short novels. Unfortunately, this is something I don’t have enough time for lately.