25 January 2021

We get a glimpse of the life of Zuzana from our Bratislava office. She worked as a nurse in the past and, when Covid-19 hit, she helped with testing people for the virus. Now she shares insights from her working and private life with us

2:00 Min

When did you join UniCredit and what do you do?


I joined UniCredit’s Communication department 12 years ago: first, in charge of external communication and then in charge of coordinating external and internal communication. Communication is one of the most beautiful and diverse activities, working across all departments, the entire bank and the Group.


Describe your ideal workday?


The ideal day starts in my office with my colleagues.  I consider the work-from-home option to be the great for work-life balance, but I like the feeling of smiles in the morning and the rush.


Normally, work continues outside the office, meeting journalists and agencies, or shooting videos. I like the diversity, cooperation, and teamwork, where we inspire each other or share our views and experiences. And then I like to feel nicely tired, knowing that we managed to handle something, propose something or move something forward.


What do you eat at lunchtime normally?


Soup and something light, like a salad. But I love soups!


Can you share an insider-anecdote on a funny moment you’ve experienced at work?


Lots of fun moments. Before Christmas we had Holidays CEE Aperitivo – an online meeting with colleagues from all over CEE where we were dressed in Christmas outfits and read our Christmas wishes. It was very relaxed, touching and personal.

Are you a morning or evening person?


I like to catch up on things early in the morning, before the phone starts ringing. I enjoy the silence before everything comes to life, where I am able to handle issues and have time to think.


What is your morning ritual before going to work?

I always have to spend some time with my dog before work. He needs love from of my family and he enjoys everyone’s attention. He plans it well, because my husband, daughter and son get up at different times of the day, so our big Bernese mountain dog benefits from our schedule.


He gets a cuddling session from me, food from my husband, a ball game outside with my son, and then he waits for our daughter to return from her work – a morning TV show – so that they can have a coffee together. 


Favourite time of the day?


The evening with the family, after everyone comes home, or when I can read a book for a while.


Do you have a hobby?


I love mountains and I like to spend weekends on a family farm helping to take care of the sheep in the barn or making natural cheese deep in the mountains. I also have learnt how to collect and dry herbs.


I think that physical work and being in touch with nature is the best way to relax and it is true even more when it comes to our work. I spent a lot of time on the farm during lockdown and had the most beautiful work from home in the world with a view of the mountain peaks. I also love traveling, books, cycling, hiking and skiing.