05 January 2021

We look back on our colleagues' daily lives as they share the ins and outs of their work and private lives. Do you share any of their habits or hobbies?

2:00 Min

What’s your ideal workday?

To Julia Fürst, Head of Legal at UniCredit’s Schoellerbank, the ultimate workday means striking a balance between home life and work duties. “Working from home during the pandemic has not been easy, but I try to get outdoors for a walk or do some yoga before lunch”, she says. “I sometimes work longer hours, but then also take an equal amount of time out of the day to maintain a physical and mental equilibrium.”

Favourite lunch meal?

While many of us opt for lighter meals, such as soups or salads, Wouter Devriendt, UniCredit’s Head of Finance and Controls, undoubtedly has the best approach to power lunch. “Usually, I go for a takeaway, the one with the shortest queue! I also treat myself to pizza with a Coca-Cola once a week.” Maybe it’s time we take his advice and start treating ourselves to #PizzaWednesdays.

What about the funniest moment at work?

We’ve all had our share of hilarious days at work. Some make us laugh, while others make us cringe. Mojca Kovač, Head of Retail Banking in Slovenia, experienced a “laugh out loud” moment when she arrived early in the morning to catch her weekly flight from Ljubljana to Milan. She arrived at the airport only to find out that she accidentally booked the flight for that evening. “Luckily, our office can be anywhere!” she says with a laugh.

Advice on morning rituals

The best morning routines start with a healthy mind and body. Costanza Ramorino does precisely that by waking up at dawn to make time for her priorities. “I pray and I exercise every morning”, she says, which includes “fitness walking, HIIT training, or yoga. Often, I have a friend or a digital coach exercising with me!”. If you’re looking for more home-fitness ideas, browse our article here.

Your favourite time of day?

Some of us are morning people, while others prefer the late evening hours. For Building Superintendent Gennady Vertogradov, at UniCredit Russia, his favourite time of day is spending quality time with the family. “[I love] when I have the opportunity to chat with my family while walking in the park or having dinner with my children.”

What about hobbies?

For Julia Fürst, rediscovering the piano has brought a sense of joy during these challenging times. Wouter Devriendt can’t hide his Belgian roots and enjoys “cycling, hiking, and all the sports the mountains have to offer”. Mojca Kovač has a deep passion for tennis and yoga (she also likes singing, but only when she’s by herself).

Gennady Vertogradov, on the other hand, absolutely loves motorcycles: “If the weather is good, I leave for work earlier and choose a longer route so that I can enjoy riding my bike”, he says with a smile. While Costanza Ramorino prefers a calm and quiet evening of painting and cooking.