07 January 2021

The second part of #OneChange Reloaded delves into the third and fourth pillars of UniCredit's Etiquette guide: Virtual Engagement and Performance Management

2:00 Min
By focusing on improving our operational resilience and agile workforce, the #OneChange movement seeks to turn the Covid-19 challenge into growth and development opportunities for a stronger and more united team.

“We don’t measure our success on an individual basis”, says Roberta Marracino, Head of Group ESG Strategy & Impact Banking. She explained that the #OneChange campaign is a company-wide effort: “It’s not like a 100-metre run, but rather a collective plan for succeeding. Collaboration is a base ingredient”.

Pillar #3: Virtual Engagement

Today, organisations have the responsibility to respond to the challenges posed by the health emergency, supporting and nurturing their workforce. A McKinsey study surveyed over 800 people in different disciplines and found evidences of the critical role leaders play in helping their teams achieve virtual engagement. Firstly, the report urges leaders “to build on the trust by being present, action oriented, empathetic, and fully transparent” in a remote work setting. Secondly, organisations need to give room for people to express their needs and then prioritise those needs with actions and improvements.

UniCredit’s #OneChange campaign wants leaders to take these steps to enhance their team’s virtual engagement. Wouter Devriendt, Head of Finance & Controls, has vowed “to encourage team members to take on more accountability with no fear and a can-do attitude!” He has also encouraged everyone to “Be courageous and step out of comfort zones by taking ownership of ideas, decisions, and actions and to just go for it!” Olivier Khayat, Co-CEO of Commercial Banking Western Europe, has committed to promoting virtual engagement through information sharing because “UniCredit people – together with their knowledge and ideas – are key to remaining a pan-European winner.”

Pillar #4: Performance Management

The success of greater collaboration and higher virtual engagement can only be ascertained with effective performance management initiatives. Human Resource experts agree that goal setting, ongoing development, routine appraisals, and established rewards remain the foundation of effective performance management in remote teams.

The #OneChange campaign seeks to promote initiatives focused on performance improvement, such as talent development and effective feedback systems. Mirko Bianchi, Co-Group Chief Financial Officer, has committed to helping employees develop their professional careers because it “is one of our main competitive advantages”, he said. “As managers, we have to support and empower our people to excel at their activities so they can boost the overall performance of the organisation”.

Other leaders have also stepped forward to take a more proactive role in ensuring Our UniCredit colleagues have growth support. The Group’s Chief Risk Officer TJ Lim has pledged to provide his team with development opportunities because “Banking is a people business, and our colleagues are the most important assets”, he explained. “We have given some of our best talents the opportunities to excel, and if we combine this with our ethics and respect approach, we will create a sustainable and bright future for UniCredit”. Finja Kutz, Group Chief Transformation Officer, has echoed the same sentiments by encouraging frequent and constructive feedback and personally monitoring the team’s development to increase inner agility.

What can you change? Commit to #OneChange today to improve yourself and our bank!