18 February 2021

UniCredit’s annual management conference in Czech Republic and Slovakia captured the attention and emotions of 500 colleagues using special virtual effects.

2:00 Min

In January, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia organised its annual management conference for 500 colleagues. Capturing their attention and bringing people together in a virtual environment was a huge challenge for the Communication Team.

The event featured a wealth of immersive content, including interactive features and emotional videos that supported our company values, anniversary celebrations and CSR activities.


Imagine managers talking to you from the future in a virtual world, looking at last year’s key achievements and outlining the priorities and strategies for the current one.


The result was a conference with the biggest ever participation and best feedback.

Petr Plocek, Head of Identity & Communication from UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

“We rose to the challenge. Thanks to three months of preparations, we created a professional studio and created an engaging virtual world with jingles, digital effects, 3D factual presentations, motivational videos made up of real-life stories, interactive activities, voting, and slido discussions. All of this promoted a truly digital approach that captured everyone’s attention from the very beginning to the end of the conference. Seeing the very positive feedback and emotions from colleagues was truly rewarding.”

Take a look at how the Communication Team managed to bring it all to life.