19 February 2021

Our colleague Cristina from Romania is a dedicated UniCredit employee. She’s very much a “people person” and her joyful and sunny disposition is always appreciated by colleagues.

2:00 Min

When did you join UniCredit and what is your role? 

I joined UniCredit in 2003 as a credit risk analyst for individuals. I was the first person to occupy this position at the time. Since then, I have had the opportunity to explore many roles within our organisation – from Risk to Business – coordinating the Underwriting PI Team, the Sales Support Team, the Key Acquisition Team and now the Partnership & Upgrade Clients Team. But no matter the title or the part of the business, for me it’s all about the people.


Can you describe your ideal workday?  

A sunny day, spent working closely with my colleagues to achieve concrete and sustainable results.


What do you normally eat for lunch?

Pasta or fruit, depending on what I have to hand. I must admit that at the moment I am not very well organised in this regard. It’s something I need to work on!


Can you share an anecdote or a funny moment you’ve experienced at work?

My home is now both my office and school for my son. Normally, children are the ones who enter their parents' video meetings, but in our house the situation is a little different. Stefan is very good and understands that when I’m working, we can't talk, so he never tries to interrupt my video calls. But his challenge is his mother. When I take a minute’s break and go out on the balcony, he has to turn the video camera off or switch to mute. It's funny when I see him trying not to show others that his mother is walking past. After all, this period is about learning how to deal with surprising situations.

Are you a morning or evening person?

An evening person, by far. No matter how tired I am during the day, I never fall sleep until a certain time of night.


What is your morning ritual before going to work?

Morning hugs with my boys (my child and my husband) are indispensable. Because I'm not a morning person, no running, no sports - just coffee and good music. For me, this is the ideal morning for a perfect day. 


Favourite time of the day?

Family time in the evening – nothing can compete with that feeling of happiness and joy.


Do you have a hobby?

It's not a hobby, but I love being around people. I’m very sociable and need to interact, talk, smile and share my feelings. In the summer, I really like to travel. In the winter months, I enjoy snowboarding, and I like to listen to music all of the time. Sometimes I sing too, but that isn’t always a joy for the people around me.