The award was presented at the 2021 @LinkedInTalentSolutions Talent Awards, recognising companies that focus on building a strong employer brand.

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UniCredit is the winner of the “Best Employer Brand – above 10,000 employees on LinkedIn” in Italy at the 2021 @LinkedInTalentSolutions Talent Awards.


The award recognises companies which focus on building a strong employer brand to engage with their audience in a meaningful way. The ranking is calculated on different metrics such as company talent engagement, new followers, and talent engaged with company posts.


This is a great achievement for UniCredit and clearly identifies our bank as one of the most innovative organisations across the global talent community, pushing the industry forward and recognising our people as a role model in engaging with talent.


UniCredit won the award based on our diverse communications offer that enriches our official LinkedIn page daily, including a wide range of contents - from strategy to ESG topics, business results to Diversity Equity & Inclusion topics. The employer branding communication format, “Stories that matter”, where we tell real stories from UniCredit employees, share UniCredit’s culture and working environment with the best talents on the market to showcase our positioning as ‘Employer of choice’ was also key for this achievement.

LI Talents Awards in a nutshell

The LI Talent Awards aims is to shine a spotlight on the companies and people across the globe who have excelled over the past year at engaging with talent, creating inclusive workplaces, building strong employer brands, encouraging learning and development, and focusing on employee retention. Finalist companies demonstrated their ability to adapt, innovate and move the talent community forward into the new world of work.