Cybersecurity sleuth by day; magician in his spare time…

2:00 min

Hello, my name is Uwe Seling. I work at the Information Security department of HVB, where I am responsible for Cyber Security, and especially for Data Loss Prevention.

If I weren't working in UniCredit, I would probably be performing on a cruise ship. Not because I can “magically” make people’s data reappear, but because I am a magician. Really!


I joined the “Magic Circle of Germany” in February 2010, and I became a member of “The Magic Circle” in London, the world’s most famous magic society with over 1,500 members worldwide. In my spare time I have taught at a magic school, and also in art academies to teach the art of magic.

Not many of my colleagues know that they have a magician in their midst. I usually don’t talk about it (except for now!). But sometimes when I am performing, a person from the bank recognizes me.


My passion for magic contributes to my ability to my job in many ways. It helps me carefully observe people’s reactions, especially through nonverbal communication. Interacting with the audience when doing magic tricks helps me to perceive the smallest reactions and draw conclusions from them.

In the beginning, many years ago, when my colleagues wanted to see a trick, I couldn't resist showing them one. But more and more often, I manage to separate business from my passion.


You may be wondering why someone dedicates themselves to the long years of practice necessary to learn magic tricks. Some people just want to be a hero, and do something that others can't, but that is not my claim. My motto is always to try to amaze and entertain people, and to generate real enthusiasm.


The world is often sad enough, and people are always looking for a little bit of distraction from life’s worries.