Launched five years ago, the UniCredit Leasing Romania Motorsport Team project fast became an important differentiator for UniCredit Leasing. Giving visibility both to the general public and business partners - sellers in the automotive industry, this exciting project has won 1st place in the top of the most visible companies in the years since it was set up.

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Why Motorsport?

For us at UniCredit Leasing, performance is more than an objective, it’s a state of being.

We are a leading company on the local leasing market not just by size, but also through the diversity of our business. This is because performance is a constant exercise of will, courage and efficiency that we practice every day. Within this project, we run a process fueled by innovation, experiments, tests, and trials that go beyond what we know as leasing business limits.

In this spirit, we chose to endorse and fuel the uninterrupted performance of Romanian motorsport – the elite of engines in many shapes and sizes, in the constant pursuit of setting new and challenging records.


In 2017, we “hit the road” together in a long-term partnership based on a set of shared values: demonstrating our desire to perform and our determination and courage to go all the way despite the obstacles.

The project brought together people who share the company's values, starting with Adi Teslovan who joined in 2017. WBO world boxing champion and national rally champion, Mihai Leu joined the team as Technical Manager in 2017, and in 2018, after more than 10 years off, he returned as a driver in the National Coastal Speed Championship at the wheel of a spectacular Ferrari 458 Challenge, winning the title of champion every year since then. Alexandra Teslovan came on board in 2020; she is Adrian Teslovan’s daughter, living proof that the passion for motorsport can be passed on to the younger generation. Alexandra represents us in various junior competitions.


Cristiana Oprea joined the team this year. She is the only female pilot who has represented Romania in the European Rally Championship and the founder of the Women in Motorsport project.

“UniCredit Leasing maintains its commitment to Romanian motorsport, and for the 2021 season we were happy to announce the expansion of our team by co-opting Cristiana Oprea, a true pioneer for women's motorsport in Romania. We are more than honoured to have people among us whose values ​​we resonate with, and who we brought together in such a complex formula. Last year, each of them achieved significant results in internal competitions, despite the difficulties of the current context. So, our expectations for this year are just as high.” said Daniela Bodîrcă, CEO of UniCredit Leasing.