Women against the tide

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Thursday 29 April 2021

UniCredit sponsors the book “Donne contro corrente”, 14 very different stories of women who work or have worked in jobs traditionally held by men in Italian and multinational companies, as part of the bank’s commitment to boost female empowerment.

3:50 min

"Women's jobs are as numerous as the stars in the sky".


Claudio Barnini, journalist and author of the book "Donne contro corrente" (Women against the tide), sponsored by UniCredit as part of the broader UniCredit4Women project aimed at demonstrating the bank's commitment to female empowerment, starts his narration with a saying.

14 stories of women managers who work or have worked in jobs traditionally held by men in Italian and multinational companies, demonstrating how Italy's distance from other countries is still a matter of fact.

A narrative that highlights the long road we still have ahead of us in order to boost the still vast potential that is often kept on the sidelines.



The stories are all different, alternating with anecdotes and introspective journeys, told in the first person by the protagonists who send us messages and accompany us in a deep reflection, such as that of our colleague Manuela D'Onofrio, Head of Global Investment UniCredit, who says in her story: "Looking at my professional story from a certain distance, I can only say that if I have come this far it is because I have met men and women who have been able to overcome their prejudices and have seen in me a potential that is still unexpressed. If I have come this far, it is also thanks to the men and women who did not think I was good enough. If I hadn't got a zero in maths in third grade, I probably wouldn't have felt the need to become intelligent. If I've made it this far, it's because I had a family that encouraged me to do my best and follow my passions."


Click here to download a free copy of the book (only available in Italian).


Watch Manuela D'Onofrio's, Head of Global Investment UniCredit, brief story: