07 April 2021

Matteo Foschi brings us to discover design applied to plants

2:00 Min

Spring has begun and with buddies, the buddybank web series that explores the world of people who have turned their passion into a job, we enter the world of Matteo Foschi, a former professional rugby player who, thanks to his study and love for nature and art, has reinvented himself as a garden designer.


Always with Except, directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, our presenter, Annie Mazzola, enters Odd Garden, Matteo's Milanese office-studio where the beautiful compositions that will enrich the setup of homes, events and exhibitions are born. In this week's episode, Annie immediately discovers that if his rugby player's uniform has been put away in a locker, the same cannot be said of his buddies or mentors, whom he finds every day thanks to the contacts he has made in the sport, in the people who work with him and in all the people who trust him.


Want to know more? Watch an abstract from the seventh episode of buddies

To watch the full episode (in Italian only) go to buddybank's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5038jJFhzA