15 April 2021

Pietro Carlo Padoan and Andrea Orcel appointed respectively as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit S.p.A. The BoD also appointed new Corporate Offices and Board Committees members.

2:00 min

In today's meeting, the Board of Directors of UniCredit appointed Pietro Carlo Padoan as Chairman of the Board and Andrea Orcel as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Furthermore, the Board appointed as Deputy Chairman Lamberto Andreotti.

Pier Carlo Padoan, Chairman of UniCredit, said: "I am honoured that the Board has elected me as new Chairman. I am fully committed to serving our people and our Group, to the best of my abilities, and I would like to thank our shareholders for their trust. My key objective will be to ensure the best possible conditions for the bank to create value for its shareholders and all its stakeholders. On behalf of the entire Group I would like to thank my predecessor Cesare Bisoni for his commitment, guidance and leadership, which were key to our Group's stability and achievements over the past period. Today, the Group also welcomes Andrea Orcel as new UniCredit CEO. Andrea's unique combination of advising and leading some of the world's foremost financial institutions, his extensive strategic experience in all areas of banking and track record in managing globally diverse teams will ensure that we are able to deliver on our ambition to best serve our customers and create long term sustainable growth for all our stakeholders"

Andrea Orcel, CEO of UniCredit, said: "I am delighted today to be named CEO of UniCredit and grateful for the trust of our shareholders and the Board.  This is a bank of critical importance.  A truly pan-European institution, but one with its origins firmly rooted in Italy, my home country.  I see in UniCredit the opportunity to make a difference.  An opportunity to do things differently, and to create a blueprint for what banking, done in the right way, for the right reasons, can look like.  This is an opportunity that I intend not to let pass by, but to capitalise on for the sake of all our stakeholders.  I want to thank Jean Pierre Mustier for his stewardship over the last 5 years, and Pier Carlo Padoan for his consistent support through this process.  I am looking forward to partnering with him, the Board and those that make up the incredible talent within UniCredit in the next stage of what I believe will be an exciting and inspiring journey". 

  • as members of the Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee: Directors Lamberto Andreotti (Chair), Jayne Anne Gadhia and Alexander Wolfgring;
  • as member of the ESG Committee: Directors Francesca Tondi (Chair), Beatriz Lara Bartolom√® and Jeffrey Hedberg;
  • as members of the Internal Controls & Risks Committee: Directors Elena Carletti (Chair), Maria Pierdicchi, Francesca Tondi and Alexander Wolfrgring;
  • as members of the Remuneration Committee: Directors Jayne-Anne Gadhia (Chair), Luca Molinari and Renate Wagner;
  • as members of the Related-Parties Committee: Directors Maria Pierdicchi (Chair), Vincenzo Cariello and Elena Carletti.