16 April 2021

Zrinka Purgar Jurjević is Head of KYC Support in Zagrebačka banka, Croatia. Zrinka devotes a great amount of positive energy to everything she does – from regular daily work activities on strategic projects to sports activities with her colleagues for which she has even won medals! 


2:00 Min

Who are you, when did you start working at Zaba, and what do you do?

My name is Zrinka. I was born and still live in the beautiful city of Zagreb where I started my career in Zagrebačka banka in 2000. This was my first job after graduating from the University of Economics. Today I lead the KYC support team in the GBS area, but during my career, I have managed many projects in my Bank.


Can you describe your ideal workday? 

My job is to create an integrated team of specialists with different competencies and ICT programmers to reach a common goal. My ideal workday would be when everything goes as planned, the team is satisfied, and relationships deepen. We would complete a big project with a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done.


Do you do any kind of healthy sports activities during the weekdays?

Having a gym at the Bank's premises made it easy to take a break to exercise a bit during the week. Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, I have mostly been working from home, so I have started going for short runs and using workout apps on my smartphone.


Could you share with us a funny moment or anecdote that you have experienced at work? 

After working for 20 years at the same company, many funny moments have happened for sure, but what I remember the most are emotional moments, and the people that made me who I am now. We all have our ups and downs, but I tend to remember only beautiful parts which push me forward and motivate me to open myself up to new people and new experiences.


Are you a morning or an evening person?

I am both a morning and an evening person since my day starts early, around 6 am, driving the kids to school, doing house errands, then the workday starts. In the evening, I tend to do some sports activities or watch a movie with my family.


How do you recharge your batteries?

My family loves to travel and whenever we get a chance, we book a small trip somewhere within Croatia, especially during this pandemic year, or somewhere else in Europe. My husband comes from a beautiful city on the Croatian coast so we also spend our summers at the seaside exploring the coast and many little islands.


Favourite time of the day?

Early morning when my family are still sleeping and I have a moment of peace just for myself - I have a cup of tea and read a book. Sometimes, I have a moment to myself in the evening just before I go to sleep too.


Do you have a hobby?

I have played handball for 16 years and it is still my favourite sport. But since 2013, I’ve played for the ZABA football team – a two-time winner of UC Calcetto! I also enjoy spending time with my friends from work, school and team mates who I play sport with.


I have two boys (Domagoj 13 and Filip 9) and tend to spend as much time as possible with them playing football, helping them with their school assignments, watching movies and, of course, travelling together.