14 September 2020

In March 2020, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia launched a new smart office concept at its Prague headquarters and later also in Bratislava

2:00 Min

The open space, modern premises were designed to help colleagues change the way they work, to inspire and motivate, as well as enhance creativity and encourage teamwork.

Although no one anticipated that the Covid-19 pandemic would lead to extensive remote working, the change was timely. According to a recent survey, almost 100 per cent of colleagues from the head offices prefer a combination of work from home and the office. The introduction of the Smart Office couldn’t have been better as the new environment offers an opportunity for a new approach with clear benefits.

“I love the flexibility of choosing the working space and high-tech solution in flexi rooms”, emphasises Libuše Berauerová, digital specialist at UCB CZ&SK.

The new Smart Office is of course fully compliant with the Group’s policy for larger buildings and strictly follows all Covid-19 preventative measures. Apart from observing the set occupancy levels in line with safety rules, each floor has special sanitation stations, a clean desk policy and safe distancing of working stations. Further, every employee has been provided with their own locker, a personal keyboard and mouse at his/her disposal and all equipment and workspaces are thoroughly sanitised on a very frequent basis.

Jakub Dusílek CEO of UCB CZ&SK says: “A Smart Office solution boosts a positive work culture, supports open communication flows and connects every individual as a team.”

“We are moving into a direction that is adapted to the social, technological and economic trends of the 21st century”, highlights Marco Iannaccone, General Manager of the Bank.

“Our approach in this project was to engage all colleagues as our ambassadors, through virtual video tours and newsletters, becoming a bank of the future for our employees and customers.” adds Petr Plocek, Head of Identity & Communication.

We are proud to Do the Right Thing in a smart way!

Watch a short video with us about life and work in Smart Office here.