25 September 2020

EMC members get into the spirit of the campaign and share their #OneChange commitments

2:00 Min

Our latest campaign asks everyone at UniCredit to commit to making #OneChange that will help to make our Group a better and more effective organisation. Our Group CEO made his own commitment last month and now EMC members are leading from the front with their own commitments.

Mirko Bianchi, Co-Group Chief Financial Officer, pledges to help employees develop. “In a world that evolves continuously, developing our people effectively is one of our main competitive advantages,” he says. “As managers, we have to support and empower our people to excel at their activities so they can boost the overall performance of the organisation.”

Group Chief Risk Officer TJ Lim also committed to providing his team with opportunities to develop. “Banking is a people business and our colleagues are most important assets,” he explains.

TJ reflects on the challenges and opportunities of people development: “We take people development, evolution and inclusion seriously. We have given some of our best talent the opportunities to excel and if we combine this with our ethics and respects approach, we will create a sustainable and bright future for UniCredit.”

Working together

Roberta Marracino, Head of Group ESG Strategy & Impact Banking, has made a commitment to encourage collaboration. “In an organisation, we don’t measure our success on an individual basis. It’s not like a 100-metre run, but rather a collective plan for succeeding. Collaboration is a base ingredient,” she explains.

She explains that “the ESG Strategy and Impact Banking function is by definition a cross-function area and there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming months to practice and implement collaboration with other functions.”

Remo Taricani, Co-CEO Commercial Banking Italy, makes a commitment to listen to everyone’s perspective. “’Listen’ is a very powerful word,” he says, emphasising the importance of listening to “our capability to cooperate, to innovate, and to demonstrate that we are really working as One Team, One UniCredit.”

So, get ready to talk if you work in Commercial Banking Italy as Remo plans to “dedicate more time to listening to his team and the whole network. Because most of the times the answer is already there. You just need to listen.”

Open to new ideas

Stefano Porro, Co-Group Chief Financial Officer, also highlights the importance of listening. “As managers, we have to be active listeners,” he says. “It’s our duty to create an environment where everybody can feel free to express himself. So, let’s think, speak up, share, and work together.”

Stefano commits to helping employees share their ideas so we can be inspired by fresh perspectives. “Constructive feedback, discussions and new ideas have to be always welcome, from all areas of the organisation at any time and in any form,” he tells us.

We’ll share more #OneChange commitments next week.