As schools reopen, UniCredit would like to remind you about the Welfare offer available to help parents juggle work and childcare

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In the past months we have faced unprecedented challenges, both at work and at home. As we start to return to our work premises and schools are reopening, we would like to remind you of our Welfare offer which provides additional support for parents. 

To help you continue to balance professional commitments with private ones, this offer has been recently expanded to cover initiatives suggested by our Family Board, addressing new needs which have emerged during the pandemic.

Below you find a recap of all the services available:

  • Reopening of our company nurseries, starting from the one in the UniCredit Towers, and special agreements in the major Italian cities; 
  • Financial help for parents with children studying at school; 
  • The so-called “banca delle ore”, now available to colleagues with children aged 0 to 14; 
  • Reduced rates when recruiting babysitters or caregivers for elderly and disabled people, through the Welfare Account;  
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred for both school (book purchases, canteen and tuition fees) and education (e.g. language courses) – always through our Welfare Account; 
  • Special offers for specific, school-related technology, thanks to our partnership with Unieuro; 
  • Life Value Program – i.e. the possibility to register for free to online master programs, available for parents and caregivers; 
  • Helpline 800505080 for psychological support available to families.

 Parents can, of course, also benefit from the offers available to all employees, such as:

  • Work flexibility, including smart working, which has been extended to more colleagues in the past months; 
  • Sustainable mobility initiatives, such as special offers for the purchase of bicycles and electric scooters. 

We hope that these initiatives will allow you to better balance your professional and personal lives as parents. 

Let’s shape our workplace of the future together, and let’s continue to… Do the Right Thing!


Welfare & People Care