16 October 2020

Richard Burton, CEO of Corporate and Investment Banking, tells us about the success of CIB's “virtual coffee -break” initiative

2:00 Min

During the Covid-19 emergency, UniCredit took all the possible measures to preserve everyone’s safety, including a smart and efficient use of the digital technology as an effective way to keep people connected, preserve a sense of community and ensure high level of service to customers.


With the Digital EnRich Breakfast, Richard and his team transformed their well established and recurrent appointments with CIB employees in a virtual series, which he considers a great source of energy and inspiration.


These meetings are only one of the several initiatives which are part of a wider effort to keep in contact with all stakeholders, exploiting the efficient digital solutions to guarantee a constant interaction with customers and employees.


Since the pandemic outbreak, CIB has converted its flagship investment conferences into digital platforms, ensuring a state-of-the-art digital experience to customers. In addition, it has organised around 1,500 digital workshops and events, involving over 120,000 clients and investors.


These initiatives, together with the many digital client meetings organised, allowed the bank to stay close to its customers, provide advice and solutions to access liquidity and state aid programs, to protect their supply chains, as well as to plan their capital structure in view of the recovery after these challenging and difficult times.