12 October 2020

Niccolò Ubertalli and Gianfranco Bisagni were recently interviewed by The Banker as part of a special report on digital transformation across European banks

2:00 Min

The co-CEOs of CEE Commercial Banking, Niccolò Ubertalli and Gianfranco Bisagni, explained in an interview with The Banker how UniCredit’s digital strategy aims to deliver a simple omni-channel solution with the same look and feel across all channels.

“As we all know, digitalisation is a key component of our Team 23 strategic plan, with a focus on increasing productivity and enhancing customer experience. Our digital strategy in the CEE aims to just that,” they said.

“UniCredit has already made good progress on its digital journey. We started with our previous strategic plan and we clearly showed how far we have already come by our swift response to the Covid-19 crisis, where we quickly adapted to meet the needs of our customers and to protect their and our colleagues health, with remote services leading the way”.

“Our service infrastructure, including branches, online and mobile banking, as well as call centres, offers our key products and services already throughout CEE”, explain Niccolò and Gianfranco. “We have already achieved a level of seamlessness and, within CEE, we now have a single interface running across 10 countries. To ensure we also take into account local variations, we created a cross-architecture initiative, which unites client-facing platforms. Now we are working on a simple omni-channel solution: a single process with the same look and feel across all channels. This is a key success factor for our growth in CEE”.