09 October 2020

EMC members share more of their #OneChange commitments and highlight the importance of sharing ideas

2:00 Min

As we ask everyone at UniCredit to make #OneChange to improve the bank, more EMC members set out their own commitments.

Max Hohenberg, Head of Group Identity and Communication, underlines the importance of the bank’s #OneChange campaign. “If all of us commit to just one change, we can make a big difference for the better,” he says. His own pledge will see Max help his colleagues share their ideas. To do this he will “spend more time listening and meet more colleagues, particularly junior ones, now that we’re often working far away from each other.”

Co-COO Ranieri de Marchis shares Max’s passion for spreading knowledge and ideas. “It is important to us to always promote change and improvement,” he says and makes a personal commitment to foster sharing of knowledge and ideas within his team and across the Group. Ranieri highlights the huge potential for positive change at UniCredit by “simplifying processes and the way we work.” A good example of this is an initiative for all colleagues within the COO function called Remove to Improve.

Andrea Casini, Co-CEO Commercial Banking Italy, commits to use emails responsibly as it’s a key enabler for more effective communication. “Each of us receive a large number of emails everyday,” he says and admits it’s often difficult to decide what is urgent and what we simply need to be informed about. As part of his commitment, Andrea will try to write concise and precise messages and asks everyone to do the same as he often needs to forward emails to other colleagues. “Let’s be more responsible together,” he says.

Andrea Maffezzoni, Head of Strategy and M&A, pledges to make every minute count in meetings. Why? “Because time is a scarce resource,” he says, and by fulfilling this commitment we can achieve more at work and enjoy a better work-life balance. He shares some sound advice for his UniCredit colleagues: “First, not every meeting is necessary. Second, invite the right people with the right mix and delegate if necessary. Third, define a precise scope for the meeting: for example, to share information or take a decision. Finally, stick to the time you have allocated to the meeting.”

Robert Zadrazil, CEO Commercial Banking Austria, commits to keep in touch with his team. “We can work safely and efficiently from remote,” he says, but this still needs a strong personal connection. His goal is to stay in touch with his team regardless of whether they work from the office or from home. “We can build positive relationships, even by means of technology, if we really pay attention to people as human beings,” he explains.