02 October 2020

EMC members share more of their #OneChange commitments and highlight the importance of constructive feedback

2:00 Min

Our latest campaign asks everyone at UniCredit to commit to making #OneChange that will help to make our Group a better and more effective organisation. Just like last week, members of the EMC share what they will do to improve our ways of working.

Richard Burton, CEO of UniCredit CIB, pledges to help everybody to “leave work at work.” He explains how easy it is for iPads and mobile phones to be used to impose work at home or in non-working hours. “Work should be at work, and home at home,” he says. “How will we achieve this? I will ensure we set realistic deadlines for deliverables.”

Niccolò Ubertalli, Co-CEO Commercial Banking CEE, also makes a commitment to protect employees’ time off. He believes “in order to perform at our best we must be balanced and ensure we don’t spend too much time at work.”

Niccolò explains he will meet this commitment by not sending emails to people when they are on holiday or asking people to to answer emails outside of working hours unless it’s urgent or important.

Leading by example

Paolo Cornetta, Head of Group Human Capital, understands the importance of a proper work-life balance. “The global pandemic has brought acute attention to the importance of wellbeing and it is our responsibility to ensure we are looking out for our own people,” he explains.

He believes it is important to give colleagues the space “to reflect, to rest, and to re-energise.” As we learn to live with our new normal, we should all make a commitment to “re-address our own work life balance” and ask all colleagues to “take a moment to reflect on what you can do to change your working days.” He encourages employees to have open conversation with their manager, with their teams to find solutions that are flexible.

In making his pledge to help colleagues with their work-life balance, Paulo says “I’m also holding myself accountable to lead by example.”

Feedback is a gift

Aurelio Maccario, Group Chief Lending Officer, wants to encourage frequent and constructive feedback. “Feedback is a gift,” he says, “and by giving it, and receiving it, we all contribute to our success and to the constant improvement of our organisation.”

“Especially in these very uncertain times, I think it becomes even more important to keep thinking and to keep giving and receiving feedback. It will be a key tool for our growth,” he adds.

Finja Kutz, Group Chief Transformation Officer, also pledges to encourage frequent and constructive feedback and promises to personally monitor the development of her team in this area. “We should all aim to increase our inner agility to evolve and become more accomplished professionals,” she says. “Feedback is a key enabler for our ongoing learning journey.