20 October 2020

Our new series explores what happens 'behind the scenes' of some of UniCredit's top achievements

2:00 Min

One UniCredit is launching a new series of videos providing unique behind-the-scenes insight into how UniCredit has delivered a number of its successful initiatives.

From awards and honours, through to launches for innovative products and services, UniCredit is proud to present the hard work and commitment that is behind our successes as a pan-European commercial bank – with credit due to our talented and skilled staff across our Western, Central and Eastern European network.

In this first episode, we talk about working capital.

The solutions developed by UniCredit over recent years in the field of working capital management, have enabled the bank to guarantee excellent support for clients in this difficult moment, giving concrete evidence of why our Group has been considered worthy of The Banker magazine’s prestigious Best Bank for Supply Chain Finance Award.

Beatrice Binda, co-Head of Working Capital Sales Commercial Banking Italy, tells us the story of how it happened.