27 October 2020

More EMC members share their thoughts and #OneChange commitments on how to make UniCredit a more effective organisation

2:00 Min

Wouter Devriendt. Head of Finance & Controls, encourages everyone to take initiative with “no fear and a can do attitude!”

“Be courageous,” he says, and “step out of your comfort zone by taking ownership of your ideas, your decisions and your actions. This will help you grow professionally and make you a valuable contributor to your team and to the bank. So go for it!”

Guglielmo Zadra, Head of Group Regulatory Affairs, records a message with his three children – perfectly demonstrating the value of a good work-life balance. He commits to listening to everyone’s perspective because “more ideas are better than one.”

“Everyone deserves a chance to express their opinion,” he says, “because it empowers, motivates and builds confidence.” He pledges to implement this by encouraging all team members to speak up and by setting quarterly “speak up” sessions.

Francesco Giordano, Co-CEO, Commercial Banking Western Europe, also promises to encourage collaboration. He says: “In these unprecedented times we have proven our ability to react quickly, work as one team to implement solutions that would have taken years to accomplish in normal times.”

He highlights the need to keep the same spirit and continue to collaborate. “We have shown that we are the real drivers of change. So, I commit to encouraging collaboration on projects to further develop our people’s capability and foster our invaluable team spirit. This will be crucial to our future successes as we transition towards a true multi-channel offer.”

Collaboration is also key for Olivier Khayat, Co-CEO, Commercial Banking Western Europe. “The pandemic has proved we can achieve enormous results if we work together as One Team, One UniCredit,” he says. “UniCredit people – with their knowledge and their ideas – are key to remaining a pan-European winner.”

Maurizio Beretta, Head of Group Institutional & Cultural Affairs, wants us all to keep building connections and sharing ideas to drive positive change. “Thanks to our commitment and our strong spirit of collaboration,” he says, “we have stood by our customers and communities.”