26 November 2020

To mark the occasion of UniCredit Hungary’s 30th anniversary, the bank launched an campaign to “celebrate the past and make the future sustainable”

2:00 Min

UniCredit Bank highlighted how they have supported business and environmental sustainability over the past 30 years, as banks have a huge impact on the world around us through the financing of sustainable projects

The bank chose five clients as the focal point of the campaign, selecting corporations, SMEs and real estate companies. All of them are well-known brands and companies in Hungary and have been UniCredit Hungary’s clients for almost 30 years. The clients’ outlined what sustainability means to them and how they apply it to everyday business. Their stories were introduced with digital and billboard campaigns.

There were also several initiatives and activities set up for colleagues. Employees could test their memories of the past 30 years with quizzes on music, series and films shared over internal communication channels. An interview was held with an employee who had worked for the bank for 30 years and published on the local intranet. A birthday cake was sent to all offices on the 23rd January, UniCredit Hungary’s official birthday, and a survey was conducted among 30-year-old employees to get to know them and better understand their view on life.