03 November 2020

Federico Memoli, an employee from the Arzignano branch in Veneto, shares a compelling and touching story about how small changes made a big impact on the lives of his clients

2:00 Min

“In the midst of daily activities, there are encounters that happen more often than you think, that excite us, leaving a lasting memory and a feeling of satisfaction. This morning we were paid a visit by Francesca, who was accompanied by her mother. I know her parents well as they have been clients for a long time, but today their daughter came in for an appointment with my colleague and to say hi.

“Francesca, who is blind, manages her financial independence by using the technology that we have created and ensured accessibility for her wherever we can. Francesca uses our App and online banking system thanks to the voice synthesis of her smartphone and computer. Via this means, she can access her account, make transactions and pay her university tuition fees. In short: she can do everything by herself.

“But there is one thing that is currently restricting her.

“After finishing with another client, I went to my colleague’s office to say goodbye to Francesca and her mother. She told us she feels uncomfortable always having to ask someone to read her the code generated when she connects to home banking on her pc. She doesn’t like having to depend on someone’s support for this all the time.

“My colleague and I explained to Francesca there is the option to use a mobile token generated by a smartphone – the code generated will be read by voice synthesis, and therefore she won’t have to use the physical token anymore, nor need the support of others.

“I demonstrated how to generate the code using the mobile token and the happiness on Francesca’s face as soon as she heard the smartphone read the disposable code was fantastic. She then said with big relief: ‘now I can finally do everything on my own at all times!’

“What we showed her was such a simple feature to us, but for Francesca, it was a valuable solution and we have made a real difference to her life going forward. It reminds us that the things we take for granted can be a big difference for someone else.”