09 November 2020

Despite the current situation with Covid-19, Zagrebačka banka decided to go ahead with its annual sports and recreation initiative for employees - “3,2,1…go!” but this time, digitally

2:00 Min

For the last five years, employees have enthusiastically participated in the “3,2,1…go!” project, competing for medals by forming teams and taking part in different sports. This year, they were offered something different: online morning workouts with Mario Valentić, a renowned Croatian fitness trainer!

Mario led exercise classes exclusively for Zaba colleagues on three consecutive Friday mornings, and the sessions were streamed live, so all employees could participate. For those who couldn’t take part live or aren’t so keen on morning workouts, the classes were recorded and posted to the Zaba Intranet afterwards.


The number of employees taking part was astonishing – there were more than 600 real time connections to the morning workouts and more than 700 people viewed the training videos after the event!

Furthermore, four sport challenges for participants were organised with the chance to win a month of online workouts with Mario. They needed to send examples of four different activities: leg exercises, stretching exercises during work, best examples of healthy lifestyle and a healthy receipt. The winners of the challenges were delighted when Mario personally phoned them to surprise them with the good news. He also started a WhatsApp group where he sent a selfie video with congratulations!