19 June 2020

Our new Action Plan promotes initiatives based on employee suggestions on greater flexibility, respect for working hours and better support for managers leading remote teams

2:00 min

Over recent weeks, we have collected feedback and suggestions from colleagues to enable a good balance between their professional and private lives.

As we gradually return to all our offices, we are refining our new ways of working to incorporate these inputs and the recommendations of our Family Board. The Family Board was formed in April and is made up of a diversified team of colleagues across the Group with different professional and personal backgrounds. Together with Human Capital, they have helped define a Group action plan.

The plan is based on the solutions that you told us would be most helpful: increasing flexibility, respect for formal working hours, leadership support for managers with remote teams, support for homeschooling and continued innovation when it comes to our new ways of working. Your most popular inputs are the priorities of our Family Board Action Plan. Targeted communications about each individual action will reach you as soon as the solutions are implemented in each country.

Meanwhile, you can read some highlights here.

  • As far as flexibility is concerned, we will continue to alternate office presence with remote working and we have started introducing more flexible smartworking solutions that will progressively allow you to work from anywhere you want (2Q 2020), as well as further flexibility related to working time distribution (3Q 2020).
  • In terms of better respect for formal working hours and support for managers leading remote teams, a new Etiquette has been defined and shared with all our managers, soon to be circulated to all our colleagues. These new guidelines address the need for better work-life balance, more effective communication, innovative solutions for virtual engagement, and a performance management system, all of which take into account the new scenario. Meanwhile, specific online training is underway to help both managers and employees adapting to new working habits.
  • We are also defining several new initiatives to promote psycho-physical wellbeing (3Q 2020). We will support individual needs through dedicated support programs for parents, caregivers and other profiles particularly affected by the current situation: we will form ad hoc communities to share and discuss personal experiences with each other (2Q 2020).
  • Finally, we are evaluating commercial agreements with qualified partners to provide online resources (3Q 2020), such as homeschooling, support for elderly family members and children with learning difficulties.

Thanks to your input, we will continue to shape our future workplace, together.