18 June 2020

UniCredit colleagues in Italy, Germany and Austria who are part of the 2,000-person Western Europe task force explain how they have worked together as One Team to implement relevant financial emergency measures as fast as possible to help customers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, leveraging on synergies and team spirit

2:00 Min

Valentina Gallina from Italy was appointed to the Task Force to examine corporate financing up to €25,000. She describes the project as “source of pride because with our work we are helping thousands of companies in difficulty and, consequently, we are helping many families working in these companies.”

Marion Kristen from Austria was given responsibility for export and investment promotion. “It was a a huge but exciting challenge,” she says. “I appreciated being part of an international task force using knowledge from all over our Group.”

Verena Banitz from Germany was asked to focus on the implementation of promotional loans funded by KfW, a German development bank, as part of Covid-19 emergency measures. She says it was important to work as One Team, focus on customer needs, be open-minded and be willing to go the extra mile.