03 June 2020

On Friday, UniCredit held its first ever virtual Leadership Team Meeting (LTM) connecting more than 500 colleagues from 13 countries

2:00 min

Together with the Executive Management Team, CEO Jean Pierre Mustier discussed UniCredit’s key achievements during the past few months and reflected on how our bank has so far managed the effects of the pandemic. They also explained what we are doing to shape our next steps.


Although much has changed since UniCredit’s previous LTM in Milan in December 2019, Friday’s event provided an opportunity for managers to ask questions and ensure that they are up to date with UniCredit’s latest developments. It also prepared them to cascade this information across the entire organisation in the weeks and months ahead.


Key themes included:

  • The health and safety of our colleagues and customers will remain our top priority and we will continue to base our decisions on data, not dates.
  • Thanks to the outstanding work of our teams, we are in a position of strength. Our strong capital and liquidity position means we can continue to support our clients in all our countries.
  • As we transition to new ways of working, all of us need to remain close to our teams and set clear measurable objectives.
  • Through UniCredit’s Team 23 plan, we will accelerate our digital and remote banking transformation.
  • The bank will continue to pay attention to personal situations, individual needs and work-life balance as we adjust to our new ways of working.


Together, we will continue to always… Do the Right Thing!