19 June 2020

Our colleague Ngoné Mbaye recently surprised our CEO by emailing him a poem about her feelings of hope. With her kind permission we're publishing it on One UniCredit

2:00 Min

In these dire times,

Confronted with an invisible and very powerful enemy,
Enemy who spreads fear in our souls,
Enemy that brings hunger and solitude into our homes.

An enemy who sows distress and uncertainty,
An enemy ready to bring down humanity to its knees,
Indeed, it is a major force,
Before which, our tanks are powerless, nonetheless we must react.

Oh people throughout the world!
Let us not forget who we are,
Man, God’s most precious creation,
And He bestowed upon us the most powerful weapon, Hope.

Let us call for Hope, the heart of humanity,
Hope is the positivity of Mankind,
Hope is our divine bond with life,
Hope is within us, let us bring it to light.

Standing tall, let us all wield the flag of Hope,
The positive essence of Hope will help us cope with this virus,
Let us bring Hope to every home, hospital, prison…
To those who are hungry, to the children who can no longer play.

To those who risk their lives, day by day, to save that of others,
To those who are striving for a cure against this invisible enemy
To the volunteers who help the most vulnerable, the lonely and the homeless,
Our fear is overwhelming, but it must be faced.

When everything seems to go wrong,
Write, repeat and believe “We hope, we are here”
Let us help one another, let us overcome our fears,
With Hope, the key to every success,
Hope is unbreakable.

Let us fight this virus with a mighty weapon, Hope!
The Hope of better days to come, for us,
For our children and our children’s children,
We, are mankind, let us defend it with wisdom and respect for all.

We must believe that together we will succeed!
Where there is hope there is life.
Let Hope dwell in our hearts,
And soon the sun will rise again on our side.