16 June 2020

UniCredit’s Data Science Community brings together 600 data scientists from 13 countries to generate ideas and support the business

2:00 min

Innovation to support the business and customers are extremely important for a Bank like UniCredit. That’s why we created UniCredit’s Data Science Community, a group of 600 data scientists from 13 countries.

One of the Community’s first projects was a Data Science competition to generate new ideas and further strengthen the bank’s focus on customer centricity.

The data scientists were asked to create a model to predict customer “churn” at buddybank. Customer churn is a measure of how many customers stop doing business with us. The competition resulted in 21 ideas to cut customer attrition, which have proved a real help to the business.

The competition was also an opportunity for colleagues to stay connected and continue working together, whilst promoting the sharing of data science competencies.