07 July 2020

Per aspera ad astra: the story of how our new Contact Center opened during the pandemic

2:00 Min

This year has posed new challenges that many divisions across our Group have faced with equal doses of hard work and wit. One of the most challenging of these has been the transition to remote working. This shift came at a busy time for our colleagues in Russia, who had already announced the opening of a new Contact Center site in Volgograd on the 30th of April, making it all the more challenging.

“We could not let the pandemic disrupt our plans and postpone the launch date, especially since During this period the remote service for our clients has become even more important than before” stated Yuliya Prozorova, Head of the Contact Center. “We were facing a fast-changing situation that required flexibility and adaptability to our new ways of working. However, thanks to a streamlined approach to working, the ability to find alternative solutions, and most importantly, team spirit, we managed to launch the site ahead of schedule! On 27th April, the Volgograd Contact Center officially opened its doors to employees, and the phones started ringing.”

Thanks to their efficient teamwork and despite the challenging circumstances, colleagues in Russia managed to carry out this incredibly important project as well as achieving another remarkable feat – 2020’s latest breakthrough is the “Contact Center Home Operators” project. Today, Russia has as many as 60 Contact Center operators working from home, with that number expected to increase to 80 in the near future.

Important technology in the implementation of this project has been modern headsets which absorb domestic noise, as well as software for remote connection to our workplace. “Most importantly though all of this would not make any practical sense without the people involved in solving this issue” Yuliya added. This was achieved through the coordinated efforts of the employees and their colleagues from the IT and Procurement Departments, who organised all the necessary equipment and setup for them to work from home in a quick and efficient way. In Yuliya’s words, “today the operators have reached a high level of self-organisation and quality in their remote work. External circumstances often call for adjustments, but the result depends on how we respond to them, and the steps we take forward!”