21 July 2020

Superpowers – Ordinary yet epic days with Vesna from Sarajevo

2:00 Min

Spring is normally a beautiful season with flowers blossoming, birds chirping and people smiling everywhere you go. But this year, something dark and gloomy was casting a shadow over the season – something was amiss. Soon enough, the pandemic emerged and changed everything for us.

Remembering back to when our branch first re-opened after Covid-19…

Tomorrow is an important day for us, I remember thinking. We were due to open our branch for the first time since the pandemic hit. Given the circumstances, we had done everything we could to be prepared for the day, including providing an ample supply of hand sanitisers and face masks.

It was 8:59 am the next day and we were about to open. People were standing in line and everyone seemed very nervous. It soon became apparent that we were the ones that had to keep calm. Our new purpose was clear: to give our very best and to be there for our clients, especially when they needed us the most. I had faith that together we could do it.

In 3, 2, 1…our branch doors swung open!

The noise began to rise:

“I want to withdraw my money…”

“I want to authorise another person to access my account… “

“I want the mobile banking app…”

I kept thinking to myself: “sometimes we really are like characters from fairytales and superhero movies, those characters who make dreams come true.”

But I ask myself, what does it take to be a superhero? The superheroes today are doctors, fire fighters and police officers. I’m a banker. Can I be a hero too?

As the crowds began to vanish and the dust settled after a long and arduous day, the work did not stop. Like all superheroes, we donned our capes, placed the UniCredit symbol on our chests, and pushed ahead without hesitation. Our objective was to get everything set and ready for the next business day. Why? On Monday, our branch would be divided into two separate teams, and under these new circumstances, we faced new challenges. But as always, we were ready to do the best we could under the circumstances.

As I was going through these thoughts when a voice interrupted me:

“What time is it?“


“What?! Curfew begins in 10 minutes!!”

I quickly finished up my tasks and bolted out the door, remembering to sanitise my hands of course.

I don’t believe we are meant to watch other people’s adventures but we are meant to live our own stories. We all have a specific mission in this world and it is our decision to put our pride aside and truly help others who need us the most.

I’m a banker and I wear a cape. Because I, too, can be a superhero.