21 December 2020

Valuable lessons from a yoga master and wellness coach

2:00 Min

Olga Popryga, IT auditor in Munich, has an important message for the holiday season: “have a break, breathe deep, and enjoy your inner peace.”




“I’m also a certified yoga teacher and wellness instructor for mindfulness and meditation. I specialise in Hatha Yoga flow and am trained in fascial and hormone therapy, as well as prenatal yoga and yoga for seniors.”


The story behind the talent:


“I began my yoga journey 12 years ago. I was studying at university in Novosibirsk when I found an amazing yoga teacher. Inspired by their practice, I began learning the principles of yoga therapy. But, as usual, life happens, and when my husband and I moved to Germany, I had to place my studies on the back burner.”


“Years later, I saved up enough money to restart my training. It’s incredibly challenging to pursue your passion while juggling life and work. But I’ve never regretted every step I’ve taken! Now I conduct live yoga broadcasts and personal consultations to a wide audience.”


“More than anything, yoga is a personal experience for me. It’s restored my health and provided me with a sense of purpose during these challenging times. If I can share this peace and freedom with others, I hope it will help someone in their daily life, as it has helped mine.”


Advice on meditation and mindfulness:


Yoga is more than just an exercise – it represents unity with the true self and opens a path towards inner freedom without any limits or boundaries. This brings health rewards, such as stress relief, spine and joint mobility, and muscle restoration. Yoga breathing techniques also help balance the body’s natural rhythm for healthier lungs and a stronger nervous system.”


“We develop mindfulness as we improve our breathing patterns. We tend to take short breaths during high-stress periods as our flight or fight response kicks in. By intentionally breathing deeper, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the body’s rest and relaxation response, bringing relief to the tension in our organs.”


“In my personal experience, meditation and mindfulness have helped reduce work-related stress and enhance my concentration to achieve higher job performance. With this year’s challenges, yoga has helped me stay resilient during uncertain circumstances. I’ve also helped my family, friends, and colleagues remain calm and composed using meditation techniques during these difficult times.”


In closing:


“As we spend more time indoors during this Christmas season, there is a great opportunity to practice self-care. I invite you to experience the positive effects of mindfulness and meditation. This will bring extra joy to your holiday cheer, I guarantee it.”


“My motto is to experience life and challenge yourself. You will never be younger than you are now. Stay healthy and happy!”