15 December 2020

As Head of Legal at UniCredit’s Schoellerbank, Julia is a team player who contributes to transformation projects with her "can-do" spirit. She's a music lover who misses live performances but enjoys listening to opera recordings on YouTube

2:00 Min


When did you join UniCredit and what do you do?

I have been working in the banking sector for approximately 12 years now, but I started my career at UniCredit in July 2019. My current position is Head of Legal at the Schoellerbank.

Can you describe your ideal workday?

My ideal working day is a balance between meetings, e-mails, reading and problem-solving, when I am able to assist a colleague in solving their problems and am sure that the legal requirements have been understood by my counterpart. Any opportunity to help team members or colleagues improve by sharing my knowledge and understanding gives me great gratification.

As to work-life-balance, I sometimes put in more hours, but then also take an equal amount of time out of the day to maintain a physical and mental equilibrium. Working from home during the pandemic has not been easy, but I try to get outdoors for a walk or do some yoga before lunch.

What do you eat for lunch?

I particularly enjoy salads and any variations of stir-fry or curry dishes. When working at the office, I always grab an Asian take-out or a curry because there are so many great little restaurants around UniCredit Austria headquarters. At home, I prefer salads or sandwiches.

Can you share an insider-anecdote on a funny moment you’ve experienced at work?

Well, perhaps I am a tad too much legal in my thinking for this..;)


Are you a morning or evening person?

I prefer mornings – they’re quiet, my head is clear, and it is easier for me to concentrate on tasks.

What is your morning ritual before going to work?

I would love to say that I do a work-out and then meditation, but realistically it’s usually just a cup of tea and listening to the early morning news!

Favorite time of the day?

I love the early evening when it’s dinnertime and I can relax. Before Covid-19, I would usually go to a museum, opera or concert, or just go out for dinner with friends and family. Now I usually chat with a friend, listen to a book or watch films.

Do you have a hobby?

First and foremost, I love opera and classical music.

But this year, because of the pandemic, I mainly watch YouTube videos of my favorite singers or listen to opera recordings. I am really looking forward to going to operas again, it’s hard to be patient.

My favorite sports are swimming, yoga and cycling. Besides that, I read extensively, write poems (which are only shared with my close friends), and I have started to play the piano again after many years – mostly classical or pop.