09 December 2020

Building Superintendent Gennady Vertogradov has worked at UniCredit in Russia since 2017. He is always first on duty early in the morning to keep the bank’s HQ building running smoothly, including ensuring our offices are safe

2:00 Min


Describe your ideal workday

My ideal day begins with the inspections of the offices, where I see the results of my department’s work and the understanding that the team is working together, like links in a chain.

What do you eat at lunchtime normally?

I adhere to the Russian saying: “Once a day, the soup should be in the stomach.” I always have soup for lunch.

Can you share an insider-anecdote on a funny moment you’ve experienced at work?

Once the famous theater and film actor Alexander Filippenko was invited to a client event at the Bank. His great performance not only made my day, but many other bank employees too!

Private Life

Are you a morning or evening person?

I am definitely a morning person, my alarm clock is set at 5:45, but I wake up without it even earlier than that.

What is your morning ritual before going to work?

The main ritual of the morning is pull-ups, and then I take a shower, have a hearty breakfast and then go to work in a good mood.

Favourite time of the day?

I am a family person, so my favorite time of the day is when I have the opportunity to chat with my family while walking in the park, or having dinner with my children.

Do you have a hobby?

I like to spend time in nature near the water. Sometimes I go hiking with my family or have picnics on various rivers. I also love fishing and I have a motorboat to explore new places and admire the beauty of nature.

I also love to ride a motorcycle. If the weather is good, I leave for work earlier and choose a longer route so that I can enjoy riding my bike for as long as possible.