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13 May 2020

Taking care of our elders is very important, especially during these times when they are more vulnerable. By substituting in-person activities with digital interaction, here are a few ideas to stay safe but social with our seniors virtually.


As we enter the next phase of the Covid-19 crisis, it is important to keep reaching out and care for our elderly through safe and social activities. Studies show that seniors who stay active and connected experience better cognitive function, stronger physical health and will live longer.

1 Find the artist within

Even if you can’t gather as a big family, why not inspire one another to discover hidden talents and experiment in creative expression that you can then share with each other virtually. Whether it’s a colouring contest, collage making, terracotta pot painting, or baking the best chocolate cake, the goal is to bring the whole family together virtually, no matter what age. Assign an impartial judge and encourage friendly competition. Show off your creations through live video chats and appoint a winner. Remember to be creative and have fun!

2 Designate a “Tech Day”

Many of our seniors have to endure draconian isolation measures to remain safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. Strict social distancing has left them feeling lonely and disconnected. To help them try and stay positive and motivated, take the time to teach them about a new application that allows them to connect with other communities. Gaming apps such as Scrabble, Tetris, Words with Friends and Gelato Mania are easy-to-navigate games that provide fun and visual stimulation to keep everyone active and entertained.

3 Bring back the all-time classics

Streaming is for all ages. Take the opportunity to set up entertainment services for seniors to enjoy and pass the time. Streaming services are bringing back the golden classics from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. Here are a few hand-selected films of the world’s greatest masterpieces currently available on Netflix. Free streaming platforms such as Youtube are also offering screenings of the greats such as Federico Fellini, La Strada, Alfred Hitchcock, Spellbound, and Robert Wiene, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. These all-time classics are sure to be a hit!


4 Dust off the photo albums

Now is the perfect time to dig out old photo albums and remember the good ole’ times. Set up a video date together and leaf through memories of childhood adventures, travel explorations, and summer vacations. Escape reality for a short time by reminiscing about the past and finding strength and comfort in one other. 

5 Throw a virtual dinner party

A great way to involve our seniors in safe, social contact is through an interactive virtual dinner party. Decide together on a date, time and theme, share recipes and cook up your favourite dishes or try out new cuisines. Our Take a break is full of tasty recipes to inspire your dinner menu – look out for “Cooking with UniCredit” pieces. Dine together at the table and enjoy the virtual company!


6 …and cuddles!

The old charm of receiving a surprise package delivered to your door still resonates. Sending over puzzles, homemade cookies, or thoughtful cards are wonderful ways to remind our elderly that you are thinking of them.