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How to
19 May 2020

There is no magic formula, but our Zagrebačka banka colleagues have shared three tips to occupy the little ones in a creative and educational way

Organising work with pre-school children is not easy. A young child is constantly looking for attention and doesn’t understand what it means when we say that “mummy/daddy has to work”, so we should take this opportunity to learn how to remain productive when they are under our feet!



Children are definitely missing playing with their friends, and while they cannot play together, we can help them to feel closer to one another by asking them to make recorded messages for each other.

You will be surprised to see how many beautiful things your children have to say to their friends. Children will be proud of their messages and happy to receive messages from their friends in return. They will most likely want to listen to their friends’ messages over and over again and ask to record new messages for them. Messages can even be expressed through a drawing or a song for extra fun.


Did you know you can make playdough in next to no time from everyday ingredients found in your kitchen cupboards? Save money and entertain your children with this thrifty kitchen craft activity. Not only will they enjoy rolling up their sleeves and making something in the kitchen but they can also set their artistic minds to work by making imaginative creations when the dough is ready.

Recipe for homemade playdough:

· 2 cups of flour

· 1 cup of salt

· Half a lemon

· 2 cups of water

· 3 tablespoons of oil

· Food colourings

1. Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl

2. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon

3. Mix it all up and add the water and oil

4. Add food colourings (divide the mixture into 4 parts – add different food colours to each part!)

5. Boil until the ingredients are mixed together

6. Cool the mixture and knead it all you want!

Keep the homemade playdough in a plastic bag (tightly closed) and it will retain its firmness for up to a week.

No-cooking version? No panic:

· 4 cups of fine flour

· 1.5 cups of salt

· Half a squeezed lemon

· 2 spoons of oil

· 2 cups of warm water

· Food colouring

Mix all the ingredients (first the dry ones and then the remaining ones) and knead with your hands until you get a smooth mixture. If needed, add more flour until the desired texture is achieved.


All you need for this game are a few simple everyday household items: a box of any kind, a cloth or a blanket large enough to cover the box, children’s toys of choice.

The task for your child, is to make a “magic box”. Ask them to select some of their toys and other items they want and put them inside the box, but to make sure that mum or dad don’t see what is in there.

Then tell your child to cover the box with a cloth or blanket. When the box is full and covered, ask them to bring the box to you, explaining that you will take out an item without looking, and try to guess what it is.

The procedure is repeated until all toys/items are taken out of the box.

You might guess the items quickly, but once in a while act as though you don’t know what it is to make the game more enjoyable. Thinking that they managed to “trick” you will only add to the fun and make your children even happier.