UniCredit joins "Palestre Digitali", an Accenture project, taking place from 4 March to 1 April, leveraging on ten year’s experience, to support the inclusion of 50 young students in the working world.

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The initiative


“Palestre Digitali” (Digital gyms) is a four-week long training course, dedicated to Digital Marketing. The programme has hosted 24 editions covering 200 hours of training overall. More than 1000 students have attended and more than 150 companies have taken part.


This year’s edition, which will be held from 4 March to 1 April, will see UniCredit actively taking part in the initiative. During the courses, more than 40 Italian professionals from leading companies will hold lectures and give proof of how to work in the corporate world. The yearly sessions are made up of three courses each of them attended by 50/60 young people aged between 23 and 27 (new graduates or undergraduates in the humanities, linguistics, economic and social sciences).


UniCredit’s participation and the project work


The bank’s participation in "Palestre Digitali" testifies our commitment to motivating young students who are open to learn about digital marketing, motivating them to work as a team on various Project Work themes. UniCredit will offer a module focusing on business side, challenging students to think about Insights and lifestyle features for UniCredit's Mobile Banking customers, with two of our colleagues supporting the students during the training. Lucia Zola, Group Digital Foresight, will give lessons dedicated to UX in UniCredit while Fabio Casano, Mobile Banking and Transformation Management, will offer mentoring during the Project Work.


This collaboration within “Palestre Digitali” underlines our commitment to finding innovative solutions which will enable the business to create further value for our clients. We are building an organization structured around products and functions operating in synergy to obtain quality and speed.


At the beginning of April the results of the project work will be available. Follow us on this channel to have all details.


Together, we are moving from using digital to living digital, empowering communities to progress.