Feelgood, a simple, yet inventive training concept from Norway allows everyone to stay active and healthy as they grow older. HypoVereinsbank supports the start-up Feelgood Active Aging in Germany by providing social impact financing for two new centres in Bavaria.

2:00 min

Active aging is among today’s megatrends. With two new centres in Bavaria, Feelgood creates positive social impact in Germany by offering everyone a place to stay physically and mentally fit and socially active, especially the older generation.

"We are committed to supporting our clients in projects with positive social impact in the health sector," says Stephanie Kraus-Nijboer, Head of Social Impact Banking at HypoVereinsbank Germany. “With Feelgood, older people can set the course for a healthy and active life. That’s why we are supporting the launch of this successful training concept in Germany with social impact financing. We offer impact-oriented loans to companies and organisations that create a clear positive impact for society.

In a room designed in warm colours, twelve automated training devices form a tailored training circle. Each device is equipped with a motor that actively supports and guides movements for a full body workout. The training equipment is easy to operate via a touch screen and is controlled by the individual.


The Feelgood concept is particularly suitable for older people who want to maintain their mobility and strength or regain it after an illness. People with chronic illnesses, for example arthritis, can also train in a Feelgood Centre - without pressure to perform or breaking out in a sweat and in everyday clothes.

"Our motto is: Stay healthy together. Just come as you are, because with us people can take care of their bodies without any pressure and make social contacts at the same time," says Dominikus Doriat, Managing Director of feelgood active aging GmbH, Germany.

In Norway, the Feelgood concept has been highly successful since 2015, with currently more than 50 locations. Feelgood has also been offered in 10 locations in Austria since 2019.